FLUX ASSOCIATES success with R E FLUX WATER CONDITIONER® & R E FLUX FUEL SAVER ® in various zones of India, on different types of equipment, the company was requested by leading industries using our products, to develop a non chemical technology for other types of depositions of various products which were leading to energy  &production losses.

Few years ago we started trials on a condenser (used for concentrating a chemical compound to 30,000 TDS) of a leading chemical company. The condenser had to be shut down every fortnight for cleaning, which took 24 hours. After installing our custom build product, the cleaning time reduced to 3 hrs & the shut down was after two months.

Seeing its success, the company’s R & D wing accepted a more challenging assignment.

The tubes of the calandrias of 300 KL Multiple Effect Evaporators of Effluent Treatment Plant were frequently encrusted. This encrustation was so hard that cutters were being used to cut it, involving many days for de-encrustation process to complete. Since the day of installation of our product on its feed & recirculation lines, there has been no encrustation till now.

New & challenging assignments are being successfully completed. We at FLUX ASSOCIATES look forward for more, so that our esteemed clients’ savings keep on growing & in an Environment Friendly way.

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