FLUX ASSOCIATES based in Northern India city of Chandigarh, started operations in year 2000, and pioneered the concept of non-chemical, environmental friendly technology for scale, corrosion prevention, and increasing combustive efficiency of hydrocarbon fuels (liquid & gas).

We being manufacturers, our zero maintenance products are engineered for unique & custom tailored installations, which not only prevent but also descale the existing scale present in the system.

Our ongoing Research & Development have benefited our clients in new field applications (other than water & fuel) such as prevention of Encrustations (rock solid depositions not removable by chemicals, so have to be physically removed by cutters) in ETP’s (Effluent treatment plants), &.sticky nature of certain chemicals & food products in Multi Effect Evaporators.

In various zones of India, on different types of equipment & applications of our large cliental base, everywhere the final outcome was the same …..Effective treatment without use of chemicals, thereby protecting the environment, leading to happy & satisfied customers.

We look forward to answer your queries & further enlighten your quest, if any, thereby leading to an early acquaintance to build awareness, a rapport of same will benefit your company, economically & environmentally.

FLUX ASSOCIATES does everything environmentally and so is Environmentally Yours.