R E FLUX FUEL SAVER® generates a high intensity and precisely focused magnetic flux which penetrates the fuel line (metallic and non-metallic) and reduces the inter-molecular force between hydrocarbon fuel molecules.
This helps the large molecular clusters of hydrocarbon to de-cluster, creating smaller molecules, more readily penetrated by oxygen and allowing more surface area of fuel molecules for oxygen to react with.
This leads to better combustion efficiency, lesser carbon deposits, lower emission of carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons and other toxic emission in the exhaust.

Thus the purpose of R E FLUX FUEL SAVER® stated in simplistic term is to de-cluster, atomize and arrange hydrocarbon molecules into structures which combine more readily with oxygen thereby giving dual benefit of higher fuel efficiency and reduced pollution levels in the exhaust.

NOTE: Nothing is added or removed from fuel.

R E FLUX FUEL SAVER® is a reliable “One Time Buy” proven product (with predictable results), requiring no additional back-up accessories. Each device is tailor-made in accordance with the material, the ID and OD of the fuel pipe, temperature on the pipe surface, type of fuel used and the rate of flow of fuel.