R E FLUX WATER CONDITIONER® works on the principle of Magneto-hydrodynamics. This device generates a magnetic field of very high flux density (precise & focused) inside the pipe, perpendicular to the flow of water. The pipe along with the device installed on it and the flowing water inside the pipe, cutting the magnetic flux, works like a dynamo.

The pipe acts as stator and the conductive water cutting the flux acts as rotor, thereby producing a direct current (in milli Volts) which reverses the charge (polarity) of the pipe from positive to negative.

This negative charge gives a complete cathodic protection to the system by repulsing negatively charged and corrosion causing oxygen of water and thereby the system becomes corrosion resistant.

The negatively charged scale forming carbonates are now repelled by the negatively charged pipe thereby preventing formation of scale (i.e. scale free system).

Scale-forming carbonates are a combination of two crystalline forms, Calcite & Aragonite.

Calcite (is made up of adherent molecules due to its dense “dendritic” crystalline structure) is the main ingredient in hard scale. Aragonite’s molecules are non-adherent.

R E FLUX WATER CONDITIONER® gives total protection to the system from scale and corrosion by altering water chemistry physically and not chemically.

Nothing is added or removed from water.

Due to increased charge in water treated with R E FLUX WATER CONDITIONER®, partial ionization of

water molecules takes place, i.e. H+ and OH- ions are produced. The positive Hydrogen ions get attracted to the negatively charged pipe walls and convert the insoluble carbonates to water soluble bicarbonates.

This increases the TDS of water till the time of total descaling. These dissolved carbonates are removed by blow-down in boilers or are collected as sludge at the bottom of the cooling tower sump.

Hence,R E FLUX WATER CONDITIONER® not only gives Total Protection to the system from scale and corrosion, it also Descales (removes the existing scale in the system).

R E FLUX WATER CONDITIONER® is a reliable “One Time Buy” proven product (with predictable results), requiring no additional back-up accessories.  Each device is equipment and location specific, made in accordance with I.D., O.D. and material of the pipe, temperature on pipe surface, rate of water flow and the chemistry of the water used.